Why do we need to raise money for our school?

In the world of pubic education—just as in private education—money = programs. The government does not provide the funds to fully cover the costs of many excellent programs that enrich your child’s education such as art, music, drama, and technology. 

It is our PTA that provides the funds to make these programs possible. Additionally, PTA funds cover school events like Field Day and assemblies, school-sponsored clubs, teacher appreciation events, after-school family events, and lots, lots more.

We host different kinds of fundraisers throughout the year. Some are traditional sales-based fundraisers like See’s Candy while some are fundraisers that integrate with educational activities. We also have PTA-originated fundraisers and community event fundraisers. 


Fundraisers in recent years have included

  • PTA membership drive
  • See’s Candy
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Barnes & Noble Book Fair
  • Square1Art
  • Jog-a-thon
  • Raffle baskets
  • Treat Fridays
  • Restaurant nights
  • Yearbook sales

Community partnerships

We have many opportunities for fundraising with local businesses. Community partners are welcome to participate in or sponsor school events.



Some family members don’t like having to buy a bunch of stuff they don’t need just because their kid is doing a fundraiser at school. In other cases, family members don’t have time to help their child sell the products. In yet other cases, family members want to see 100% of the donation going directly to the school rather than sharing the profit with the company associated with the fundraiser. 

We are more than happy to accept donations in cash, check, or credit card. Our treasurer can provide receipts for cash and check donations and receipts for online donations will be emailed to you. (We are a 501(c)(3) and your donations are tax deductible.)  Contact our treasurer via rsdptamember (at)


P.S. The more cash money that is donated, the fewer fundraisers we will need hold!


For online donations, we use Totem (same program we use for online PTA registration). You will need to select "Join PTA" to enter the site initially but once past that screen, you will see the choice to join or to make a donation.