Drop-off & pick-up

Preschoolers, transitional kindergartners, and kindergartners must have an adult accompany them to their classroom door and pick them up at the door at the end of the day. All other students are to be dropped off at the front gate. No adult is permitted entry onto our campus without (1) registering in our security verification system and (2) having an appointment with a teacher and (3) logging in at the front office.


For older students, parents may use the drive-through line in the morning and afternoon (see diagram). For safety reasons, the school does not allow drive-through drop-offs anywhere but the designated yellow loading zone in the school parking lot. Students are not permitted to wait on Avenida Apollinaria or Calle Albara for pick-up. 

Please be sure that your student is picked up from the loading zone within 15 minutes following dismissal. All students waiting for their ride 15 minutes or later will be asked to wait in the office and make a phone call to give their ride a friendly reminder. All students in the office will need to have an authorized adult come into the office and sign them out. 


If you prefer not to wait in the drive-through line, it is okay to park your car and walk your child to and from campus.


We encourage carpooling with classmates and neighbor children to reduce congestion near the school. Many families live within walking distance and choose skip the congestion by walking to and from school each day. 

If your child is old enough to walk home on their own, please send a note with your child to show a staff member when they have been instructed by you to walk home.  (A note for the year is great!)