Can I smoke on Campus?

By California law, there is no smoking anywhere on our campus. This includes no smoking while waiting in your car in the drive-through line or while waiting in your car in a disabled parking spot. 

What happens to the money once students are finished with a fundraising project in class?

At the start of each project, the teacher or adult mentor verifies the money will be going to a legitimate, verified non-profit organization. Totals raised are announced at the end of the project and our PTA assists with the accounting on classroom-based projects. 


Details about where PTA funds go are on our PTA fundraisers page.

Do I need to re-register my children each year?

Yes. Here’s the link to the Cajon Valley Parent Portal and instructions for re-enrolling.


Stop by or call the Rancho San Diego Elementary office. The staff would rather have a problem reported multiple times than not know about it. Please contact the school rather than the Cajon Valley offices so that we can track and correct the problem. 

How are threats or inappropriate student behavior handled at schooL?

Our principal follows a district-directed set of site administrator protocols in responding to safety concerns and problematic behavior. She encourages parents to “trust that I’m responding but don’t assume that I know.” 

In other words, if parents witness or hear about an incident, they can email our principal directly, call the school office, or talk to her on campus to let her know. 

Communication to parents regarding an incident-in-progress can only happen once our principal has been able to ensure student safety. Even after the fact, confidentially requirements prohibit sharing certain kinds of information such as the identity of the perpetrator and disciplinary actions taken. 

Why does everything seem so last-minute?

We are short staffed! We’d love some more help! Here’s a full list of all the ways family members can get involved

Do daycares offer pick up and drop off service at your school?

Each day, there are several corporate daycares and home daycares picking up students at our school. The best thing to do is to check with them individually to see if they serve our school. The large daycare vans get curbside, priority parking near the school busses. 

We also offer Extended Day care on our campus before school, after school, and during winter, spring, and summer breaks.