Community meetings about next school year

From PRINCIPAL WALL, 5/25/2020

CVUSD and I are looking for parents and guardians who would like to participate in a Community Meeting. We are seeking your feedback and listening to your thoughts on the coming school year. 

If you weren’t able to make it to our meeting with Governing Board President Tamara Otero last Friday, we have additional opportunities for you to provide feedback and input. I’ve planned three additional meetings so that all who want to share their thoughts have a chance to do so this spring. 

Our next meeting is on Friday, 5/29, at 11 am. The additional dates and times are coming to your PeachJar account soon. 


Regarding the rest of the school year


Cajon Valley Council of PTAs

March 23, 2020

RSD Families,

It is so great to connect with you during this trying time! I am keeping all of you close in my thoughts and well wishes. 

I would like to share with you some information from our teleconference with Dr. Miyashiro and several members of the District Office staff.

Many inquiries were made about what is in store for the remainder of the school year. Dr. Miyashiro stated that he, along with superintendents from all neighboring districts are engaging in weekly meetings through the San Diego County Offices of Education to keep apprised with the most current information and recommendations available from the California Department of Public Health, and also to develop plans for distance learning if the need should arise. While the goal remains to reopen Cajon Valley schools on April 20th as previously stated, our leaders in education are  working to ensure that a plan for distance learning will be ready in the event that this is not possible.

Cajon Valley is one of only three districts within San Diego with 1:1 technology access already in place, and thus readily able to deliver distance learning lessons once they are developed.  The goal of 1:1 technology was to cultivate a classroom environment of blended learning where students received more small group and one-on-one instruction. During a typical classroom day, our students rotate through small teacher-led groups while the remainder of students are engaged in structured learning activities on their individual Chromebooks. This model could potentially be replicated through distance learning if the hiatus should  continue past Spring Break. 

The district’s first priorities are to ensure that no student is  without access to food and technology.  School lunches are available to all children, ages 0-18 at select sites across the district through drive up or walk up access. No documentation is required to receive lunches, however students must be present. More information about lunches can be found on the district website: Additionally, a survey from the district regarding food and technology access (including internet access within the student’s home) is forthcoming, and they hope for all families to participate so that they can best address the needs of students.   In the interim, the district is committed to providing meals and distance learning for the duration of this unprecedented event.

Prior to rolling out any official online curriculum, it is the intent of the superintendent and his staff to ensure that the material presented is relevant, and dynamic, and on par with the instructional content that our students have come to expect from us, as a district and as a site. 

This does take time, which is why an official district strategy for online learning is still forthcoming. In the event that directives from the California Department of Public Health do not allow us to resume normal school operations at the conclusion of spring break, digital curriculum is expected to be ready to launch on April 20th. The intent is to provide students at each grade level with a weekly set of learning guidelines, to include core subjects as well as Social Emotional Learning activities and physical activity curriculum.  Please know that, during this time of uncertainty, district staff is working tirelessly to plan for both the long and short term needs of all CVUSD families.

Additionally, the district is working to provide students with access to school counseling services utilizing a digital platform. A help desk for parents and students is also forthcoming, so that students who need assistance with their district-assigned Chromebooks or distance learning programs, including virtual help and physical Chromebook repairs, can receive it from district personnel. Please continue to watch our RSD PTA website for a link to these services, including the helpdesk point of contact email address.  

We will continue to share with you any updates we have  from your national and state PTAs, as well as from your district. Our thoughts are with you, and your loved ones, during this time; we look forward to remaining connected as a community when we are able to resume normal operations. 

Stay Well,

Christina Cavallaro     
President, Cajon Valley Council of PTAs  

Executive Vice President, RSD PTA   

Evelyn Tom Carter, DVM

President, RSD PTA